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Infograpic Resume 

New Age, State-of-the Art Resumes


We create state-of-the-art Infographic resumes that employers will be impressed with!

Stunning Infographic Resumes / $79


Like a secret weapon forged to conquer the rest, infographic resumes come to life amidst the boring black and white sheets of papers employers receive all the time. Not only are they appealing and easily scannable, but they also vividly show off your skills and set you apart from your competition. We're the only resume company in NC that creates state-of-the-art Infographic Resumes!


What Is An Infographic Resume?

An infographic resume uses images and graphics to visually present information in the form of statistics, timelines, graphs, and bar charts. This visual resume style often comes in handy for anyone who has over 5 years working experience to showcase their accomplishments, metrics, achievements, and skill-sets.


Who Should Have An Infographic Resume?

Anyone who dares to dream, who dares to be different, and who wants to stand out and rise above the boring black and white resume. Whether you are fresh out of college, or a Senior Executive, infographic resumes can be an eccentric way to land you that dream job.


However, certain professionals should consider having an Infographic Resume. 

  • Anyone with over 5 years working experience

  • Anyone with academic achievements

  • Anyone with professional accolades

  • Anyone with sales, marketing, or creative background

  • Anyone in management/senior-level positions

  • Anyone with high-earning salary objectives


When Do You Submit An Infographic Resume?

While infographic resumes are visually appealing and highly engaging, they may not pass the Application Tracking Software (ATS) used by most recruiting departments. That’s why you should only email or hand-deliver an Infographic Resume AFTER you have already landed a job interview with the standard/regular resume.

If you decide to have an infographic resume, consider it a supplementary addition to your ATS-approved standard/regular resume. Here’s when to submit it:

  • If in direct contact with the hiring manager, attach it to an email

  • Display it on your online portfolio or LinkedIn profile

  • Carry it with you to the interview


Do I Need To Have A Professional Headshot Photo Taken?

No, but... A professional headshot photo in your infographic resume gives it a personal touch and allows employers to put a face to the skills. Use a high-resolution image with a slight smile and appropriate attire.


What Formats Will I Receive My Infographic Resume In?

Infographic resumes are massive, and we save them in various formats depending on your needs. Such formats include:

  • PDF (editable in ''Adobe Acrobat dc pro'' or any other pdf editor)

  • JPG

  • HTML

  • PSD (editable in ''Adobe Photoshop'')

  • RTF

  • Graphic Image


How Are We Rated #1 On Google?


With a job interview success rate of 93.4% and being the only resume writing company in NC with an Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) and a 45-day money-back guarantee, it is a no brainer. One thing is consistent, though. We know that a professionally crafted resume improves your competitive edge and demands better pay. That understanding means we have more positive customer reviews than any other professional resume writing service in the whole state of North Carolina.

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