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Some industries demand a Curriculum Vitae instead of a resume for the job applications. CVs are rich in details and every sentence must add value to the portfolio. We have Senior Curriculum Vitae Writers that write professional and appealing CVs tailored for specific industries to boost the chances of interviews.


What Is A Curriculum Vitae?

Curriculum Vitae or CV is a detailed and comprehensive summary of the educational background and previous undertakings of the candidate. It contains information about all the degrees, diplomas, publications, licenses, community service, awards, and certificates that the candidate has earned over the years. Furthermore, all the previous job experiences should be mentioned with the details of each role that was assigned to the candidate in those undertakings.


Who Should Have A Curriculum Vitae?

Job seekers applying for Healthcare, Higher Education, Post Secondary Institutes, R&D, Science, or Academics. Candidates aspiring for jobs that have a powerful portfolio or are related to high-level research such as Postdoctoral fellowships or Scientific Journals should also have a CV. Recruiters for such positions require as much information as possible before shortlisting the candidates for interviews.


A professional CV that highlights career achievements and makes the candidate look suitable for the job increases the chances of getting interview calls.


When Do You Submit A Curriculum Vitae?

You should submit a CV when the job advertisement demands it. Do not email the CVs when the job requires a resume.


What's The Difference Between A Curriculum Vitae & A Resume?

A CV is 3-6 pages in length whereas a Resume is no more than 2. CVs are much more detailed compared to Resumes. They contain detailed information about the educational backgrounds including the major subjects and academic achievements. The comprehensive information related to previous undertakings is also available in the CV. Whereas a Resume is concise and provides only basic information to employers.


How Many Pages Are Curriculum Vitae's?

The length of an ideal CV is between 3-6 pages which depend on the experiences and the educational backgrounds of the candidates. Although a CV allows for large lengths, the information on it must be kept relevant to appeal to the recruiters.


What Companies/Industries Typically Require A Curriculum Vitae?

Positions, where recruiters need more information about candidates to narrow down the selection, require CVs. Typically, the following industries demand CVs for job applications:


  • Post Secondary Institutes

  • Research

  • Higher Education

  • Healthcare

  • R&Ds of Manufacturing Industries

  • Science

  • Academia


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With a job interview success rate of 93.4% and being the only resume writing company in NC with an Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) and a 45-day money-back guarantee, it is a no brainer. One thing is consistent, though. We know that a professionally crafted resume improves your competitive edge and demands better pay. That understanding means we have more positive customer reviews than any other professional resume writing service in the whole state of North Carolina.

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