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We have created thousands of powerful, comprehensive, and keyword optimized for Information Technology professionals such as: Chief Technology Officers, CIO's, Software Engineers, Network Security Engineers, Senior Programmers, Developers, and many more.

Resume Writing Service for Information Technology (IT) Professionals


We are a professional resume writing service based in Charlotte, North Carolina that provides the service of creating resumes for the Information Technology industry job seekers. As the top-rated resume writing company, we ensure to deliver resumes of the highest quality to our customers. In over a decade-long career, our IT resume writing professionals have helped many IT specialists find a job in their field.

IT Systems Administrators, CIO's, CTO's, CISSO, Senior Network Engineers, Directors of IT, Front End Developers, Senior Web Developers, Webmasters, Software Quality Assurance Analysts, Desktop Support, Senior Programmers, Java Developers, Applications Engineers, Senior Security Specialists, Chief Technology Officers (CTO) are just some of many of our IT clients who successfully landed interviews and jobs.

Our Writers Understand the IT Industry


Our licensed and accomplished resume experts understand the IT terminology & lingo. Some job position can have different titles, despite the exact same work. On the other hand, a certain set of skills can make a candidate suitable for different job positions.


When crafting a resume, Top Resume Experts know how to present a candidate’s skills and match them to a job position; how to showcase skills at developing reliable code that is well-tested and top-quality, planning projects, designing and developing software, and teamwork. They also make sure to create a keyword optimized resume which is a must in order to pass the ATS. Out IT resume writers know in details each job position and the required set of skills.


They have written interview winning and job landing resumes for Cloud Services Developers, Computer and Information Research Scientists, Senior Network System Administrators, Help Desk Technicians, Chief Information Officers (CIO), System Architects, Web Administrators, and many others.

Why Hire An IT Resume Writer


IT resume writing professionals in Charlotte NC deliver keyword optimized IT resumes that not only pass the ATS but also meet hiring managers’ requirements. After reading a resume written by a professional, hiring managers know if a candidate is a good fit for their company.


These resumes highlight the skills, achievements and accomplishments, all supported by examples of your previous work, so hiring managers can imagine you on spot and how you perform.


Top Resume Experts include the keywords and search phrases, choose the relative information from your career to present you as a perfect candidate for a job. They present your skills in developing and analyzing technical designs, reviewing programming codes, your ability to adapt to changing technology, and many more providing an example for each.

What Terminology Do Hiring Managers Expect To See On An Information Technology Professionals Resume?

The IT industry is one of the fastest growing industries nowadays. Hiring managers have become strict and very choosy when deciding which candidate deserves a place within their team. Your resume must contain all the keywords and phrases related to the Information Technology industry.


Hiring Managers want to see your ability to write code in different languages, problem-solving skills, logical thinking, integrating different technologies, communication skills, time management, skills to analyze and recommend database improvements, configuring database software, designing prototypes and principles, identifying users’ needs, integrating security protocols with Cloud Design, etc. It is not sufficient just to list these skills, but to provide examples which show how you used these skills to achieve better results.

What Do You Get?


Hiring an IT resume writing specialist ensures that you get a keyword optimized resume that will pass the ATS. Your resume will:

  • be in the right format, font, & have the right IT keywords.

  • accent the core skills required for the job position you apply for.

  • provide examples where hiring managers can see how you use these skills.

  • will highlight the most relevant IT information from your career.

Your old resume and LinkedIn profile will be checked and improved to meet hiring managers’ expectations.

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