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What Is The Best Type Of Resume To Use To Land Job Interviews?

What Is The Best Type Of Resume To Use To Land Job Interviews?

When writing your resume, one of the first decisions you have to make is to choose the right type. But which one is the right one? It depends on a job position you apply for and what hiring managers want to see.

Most employers and hiring managers prefer an achievement-based resume because it can tell more about you that a role-based resume. Each job position has its roles, but not every worker performs the same. The best-rated resume writing professionals from Charlotte North Carolina advise writing an achievement-based resume, and in this article, we bring you the reasons why.

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What Type Of Resume Lands More Job Interviews?

Hiring Managers Expect To See Achievement-Based Resumes

More and more hiring managers no longer welcome role-based resumes.

It’s great to have an impressive career history, all the jobs you have done and skills you’ve acquired; but what hiring managers crave for is to see how you’ve used your skills and knowledge in a particular situation. They want to see your actions and the results of your actions. That's why resume writing professionals in Charlotte NC exists, because they understand the requirements and expectations of having a powerful resume that's full of metrics and achievements.

We can all list a set of skills; we cannot deny the fact that some people still lie. To be sure they have the right person they must be able to imagine you performing some task, and they can see this by reading about your achievements.

Successful job seekers have an achievements-based resume that lands interviews and jobs.

How To Write An Achievement-Based Resumes If I'm A Graduate Or Have Little Experience?

It’s difficult to have an achievement-based resume when you’ve just graduated and you’re looking for your first job. Some companies who are willing to employ graduate students or those with little to no experience do not expect to see achievement-based resumes. In such situations, role-based resumes are accepted.

What Should I Include In A Role-Based Resume?

For graduate students and those who lack work experience, or those that seek an entry-level career change, a roles-based resume should hire a high-quality producing resume writing service in Charlotte NC.

Role based resumes list voluntary work, skills, companies, jobs, and responsibilities. This kind of a resume can be used when applying for any job position you are qualified for. The problem is, it will probably land no interviews.

Why Do Job Seekers With Achievement-based Resumes Land More Job Interviews?

To convince hiring managers that they are their best choice among many, many job seekers list their achievements and show hiring managers how they solved some problem or helped their company grow. They give numbers; if they helped a company increase sales, they tell how much.

By doing this, hiring managers have a better insight into those candidates’ profiles - how well they fit into a company and what to expect from them. When hiring managers read those examples, they can see the candidates on spot, how effective and professional they are.

What Information Do I Need To Include In An Achievement-Based Resume?

When you write your achievement-based resume, these are the things you need to pay attention to:

  1. Accomplishment list: when you list your accomplishments, use bullet points to provide the examples of enhanced productivity, saved money, increased revenue, and contribution on team projects; if you trained new employees, list it as well.

  2. Highlight accomplishments: if you received some awards or recognition's, list them.

  3. Expand achievements: Tell about the problems you identified and the steps you took to solve them; tell about the methods you used to train new staff members.

Many job seekers are unsure of which type of a resume they should use. The most successful job seekers contact executive level resume writing professionals in Charlotte North Carolina and ask for help.

When in doubt, ask those with a lot of experience and increase your chances of job landing. Your resume is your first and the most important step on your job-hunting journey. It must be impressive, high-quality, and most importantly the one hiring managers want to see.