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Should I Send A Cover Letter If The Employer Doesn't Ask For One?

When reading job ads, you have probably noticed that some hiring managers require a cover letter and some hiring managers don't ask for one. So, should you send a cover letter if it’s not requested?

Yes! Sending a cover letter has many advantages and sending it even if not required can only do good and no harm at all. TopResumeExperts, the best writing professionals in Charlotte North Carolina strongly recommends sending a cover letter to each and every job posting, even if the job posted does not require a cover letter.

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Should I Send A Cover Letter If The Employer Doesn't Ask For One?

In this article, you can read more about the reasons to submit your cover letter even if it’s not requested, and how to write a good one.

Why Do Most Hiring Managers Expect Cover Letters?

When hiring managers request a cover letter, they do it for a reason. It helps them learn more about a candidate and his/her personality and communication skills; they can know whether or not the candidate fits their company culture; they learn about the candidate’s interest in the company.

By sending a cover letter, it also helps the potential employer see that you stand out from the crowd. After all, if every other job seeker is only submitting a resume, you're application will stand out!

Why Should I Send A Cover Letter If The Hiring Manager Won't Read It?

Even if a hiring manager doesn’t read your cover letter, there is a system that will score all the documents you upload. The more documents you have, the better score you get. Hiring managers rely on the Applicant Tracking System which filters out all the resumes that don’t meet the requirements. As long as your cover letter was keyword optimized and written by a top rated resume writing company in Charlotte NC, a cover letter helps rank a jobs seekers application higher

If your documents pass the ATS, you’ll receive a score. High scoring resumes and cover letters are the ones that make it to the interview. It is not only your resume that needs to be keyword optimized, but your cover letter as well.

The best rated resume writing professionals in Charlotte North Carolina spend most of their time choosing the keywords to make sure the resumes and cover letters they write pass the ATS. It is not just words, but a set of words that can play an immense role in the development of your career.

How Lengthy Should A Cover Letter Be?

A cover letter should be written on one page. It needs to be brief and divided into three parts. In the first part you state your reasons for writing. The second part highlights your qualifications, skills and experience. The third one is a closing part where you express your gratitude for consideration.

Don’t worry if your cover letter ends up being shorter. One page is the maximum.

What Format Should I Use In A Cover Letter?

Readability is enormously important. When a resume or a cover letter is visually appealing it gets more attention and therefore greater chances of getting a hiring manager’s attention. Fonts like Times New Roman, Calibri, Arial, Verdana in the size 11-12 are the best option. Make sure the text is aligned to the left with one inch margin size on all sides.

Make sure your cover letter also matches up with the same layout and format as your resume.

How Many Bullet Points Should I Incorporate In My Cover Letter?

We use bullet points to highlight our qualifications, skills, achievements, and experience. Having four to six bullet points is enough to highlight the most important and relevant information for the job position you apply for. If you add more than necessary, it might have a negative effect.

The largest resume writing service in Charlotte North Carolina pay special attention when choosing the right information for bullet points. It’s important not to list anything that is not closely related to the job, so choose wisely which achievements and skills need to be listed.