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Should I Add All Certificates, Awards, & Licenses On My Resume?

To write a high quality resume, a job seeker must know where to list all the information. We cannot write it anywhere, there are some rules that we must follow. Degrees, licenses, certificates, awards and achievements have their place and are listed according to their importance. The top rated resume writing experts in Charlotte North Carolina know the rules, but what about those who are not experts in writing a resume?

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Should I Add All Certificates, Awards, & Licenses On My Resume?

In this article, we’ll discuss where to list awards, certificates, degrees, and licenses so you can get an impressive resume that catches the eye of a hiring manager.

Where On Your Resume Should You List Awards, Certificates, Degrees, & Licenses?

Your resume tells about your abilities, accomplishments and skills. When a hiring manager reads your resume, he/she wants to see your results, how professional you are, and how you achieved your goals. Listing these at the beginning of your resume is a must. Grab their attention at the very beginning; tell them how capable you are of doing some job by only listing hard skills.

According to one of the highest quality producing resume companies in Charlotte NC, Top Resume Experts, your degree, awards, certificates and licenses, should be listed at the bottom of your resume.

What If I Have Little To No Work Experience?

For those who lack or have no work experience it’s difficult to write a resume that tells about their previous job results and achievements. In such a case, listing degrees, awards, certificates and licenses should be listed at the top of a resume. Some hiring managers are willing to give a chance to those who do meet basic requirements. Even if without experience, your awards and certificates tell about your ambition and will to grow, learn and become a professional.

Should I List All My Awards, Certificates, & Licenses On My Resume?

Hiring managers get easily irritated nowadays. Listing licenses, certificates, awards and other accomplishments that are not job related can do more harm than have a positive effect. When doing so, you’re wasting their time and they perceive you as unprofessional. You can always mention extra information during an interview.

Hiring managers really expet to see that job seekers spent time and money into investing in hiring a credible resume writer to create an professional resume.

Should I List Degree's & Training's In Progress?

Degrees and training's that are in progress should be listed on a resume in a separate section at the bottom of a resume. This can increase your chances for landing an interview; a hiring manager learns about the hard skills you’ll soon obtain and your professional development. You can either put ‘’in progress’’ or add the completion date.

Before Writing Your Resume, Look At The Job Ad

Job ads provide much information about what hiring managers look for. Many professional resume writers located in NC carefully read and examine job postings to get as much information as possible. You can read in a job posting if hiring managers are willing to give a chance to an inexperienced job seekers.

If that’s the case, and you are one of them, you don’t have to worry. But if you see they look for someone with years of experience and a set of specific skills, you know what needs more attention. Tell them about how professional, experienced you are, tell about your results and achievements first to impress them, and then list your degrees, awards, certificates, licenses, etc.

But, if a job posting doesn’t tell much or you’re in doubt, you can ask some of the experienced resume writing professionals in Charlotte North Carolina for advice so they can help you create your resume that meets the expectations of hiring managers.