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Should A Resume Be 1 Or 2 Pages?

Tailoring a resume can be complex and recondite. Most of the job seekers become confounded after all the information they get online about writing a resume. One of the problems they come across is the appropriate length of their resume. Many of them seek help from top rated resume writers located in Charlotte NC and ask for advice. To help out many other job seekers, here is an article that tells more about the acceptable length of a resume.

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Should A Resume Be 1 Or 2 Pages?

Do Hiring Managers Require Detailed & Longer Resumes Or The Shorter Resumes?

In the past, hiring managers spent a lot of time interviewing job candidates who did not meet the requirements. Their resumes were short and not very detailed. To save their time, hiring managers nowadays request longer and detailed resumes for easier selection. They can get a better insight into a candidate when they have more information; they don’t need to spend their time interviewing those who don’t fit the job position.

They also started relying on the Applicant Tracking System to filter out all the resumes that don’t have the key phrases and keywords. TopResumeExperts writes professional keyword optimized resumes that help by-pass companies software filters.

Why Were One Page Resumes Popular Before?

One page resumes were popular because hiring managers had to read each and every resume. Writing a very detailed resume was not required because they didn’t have time for that. All the candidates who met the basic requirements were called in for an interview and provided more information about their education and work history. In recent years, the market has become very competitive and there are thousands of job applications.

Having to read all of them would require time that hiring managers don’t have. To get the best candidate, they started using the ATS so they can interview only those applicants who have an impressive resume; the one that provides all the necessary information that can help hiring managers’ imagine candidates on spot and how they can help their company grow.

When Do Hiring Managers Still Expect to See One Page Resume?

There are still some cases when it is acceptable to have a one page resume. If you are a graduate student or someone without much work experience, a one page resume is accepted by hiring managers. They do understand such circumstances; they prefer to see this kind of a resume rather than reading irrelevant information and waste their time, which might lessen interview landing chances.

One must be very careful when writing a one page resume in order to make it stand out and impress hiring managers. That’s why some of the job seekers hire experts in resume writing services in Charlotte North Carolina to get high quality one page resume.

How Many Pages do Hiring Managers Expect?

As mentioned above, one page resumes are acceptable only when a job seeker is a graduate or lacks work experience. For those with a few years of experience, a two page resume would be an ideal one. It’s enough space to list all the key information, and yet make it impressive. . When tailoring a resume, it’s crucial to have it well written and mention relevant details for a job position a candidate applies for.

Don't Attempt To Write Your Own Resume - Your Career Depends On It!

A lot of job seekers use generic resumes because writing one if baffling. But that’s the biggest mistake they make at the beginning of a job hunting journey. If you are not sure how to write an impressive and outstanding resume, you can invest in your future and have your resume written by resume writing professionals in Charlotte North Carolina; you won’t have to worry about the format, length, keywords and phrases.

You’ll have a resume that will pass the ATS and make hiring managers want to call you in for an interview.