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Do I List My Graduation Month & Year On My Resume?

Do I List My Graduation Month & Year On My Resume?

To list or not to list your date of graduation is a dilemma discussed quite a lot recently. Many professional resume writers in Charlotte North Carolina have discussed its advantages and disadvantages in order to help job seekers who need help to write a job landing resume.

None of the job seekers want to write anything that might cost them their job opportunity, and listing your graduation date can be problematic. If you’re the one asking yourself the same question, this is an article discussing the problem and hopefully helps you understand when to list graduation dates.

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Do I List My Graduation Month & Year On My Resume?

Facing Discrimination

One of the first problems your graduation date could cause you is discrimination. Whether you’re young or old, you might be discriminated. Recent graduates have less experience and hiring them would request additional training's, which, for a company, means extra costs.

On the other hand, hiring managers are concerned that those with an older graduation date, might not be well familiar with the latest technologies and achievements in the industry, which could have an effect on their performance.

Fighting Discrimination On Your Resume

One of the ways to avoid discrimination is to highlight your skills, achievements and awards in your resume to prove that you’ve got all you need for a job position you apply for. Your skills tell you are qualified for a job; list your awards, certifications, certificates, achievements and accomplishments.

Provide examples of how you solved a problem or performed some tasks. This way, hiring managers will focus more on relevant information. When they see how accomplished you are, your graduation date will be just a number.

Candidates With More Experience Listed On Their Resume, Cost More To Companies

Candidates who have a long career history after their graduation cost more than recent graduates. Hiring those with less experience is preferable in the time of cost-cutting; some companies hire candidates who are qualified enough knowing that they will acquire the necessary skills eventually.

The Positive Sides Of Listing Your Dates Of Graduation On Your Resume

When it comes to the advantages of listing a graduation date, this is one of them: you are not afraid of discrimination. Hiring managers can also perceive you as a self-confident professional who relies on his/her qualifications, skills and experience.

Another positive side of leaving your graduation date is that it explains the lack of experience.

Recent graduates have difficulties writing their resumes because they still don’t have any career; they’re just about to start it. In these situations, the best thing to do is to emphasize your training's, education, soft skills and volunteer work.

Young people with the lack of experience often turn to the largest professional resume writing service in Charlotte North Carolina, TopResumeExperts, to get a high quality resume that impresses hiring managers.

Your Resume Must Be Effective, Metrics Focused, & Keyword Optimized

No matter your age or graduation date, if you are qualified, possess all the necessary skills to do a job well, your resume must convince hiring managers you are a professional who is worth giving a chance.

A candidate with an older graduation date might have learned new skills needed for a job somewhere else; recent graduates may have volunteered or done part-time jobs that helped them learn new things.

Whatever your career background may be, your career is worth investing in. Invest in your career and future by consulting with Charlotte NC best resume writing professionals to help land you higher paying careers.