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Are Employers Throwing My Resume In The Trash?

Are Employers Throwing My Resume In The Trash

Job seekers find it more and more difficult to land not only a job but also an interview. So many applications sent, yet no answers and no phone call back from potential employers. It's easy to assume that the problem is a competitive market; it happens. The main reason most qualified job seekers do not land job interviews is because they never hired a top rated professional resume writing service in Charlotte NC.

It's not about luck, it's about having a highly effective and quality professional resume!

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Are Employers Throwing My Resume In The Trash?

The Applicant Tracking System Filters Out Resumes

The number of job applicants is increasing. Hiring managers want to spend their time reading high-quality resumes and have no nerves for poorly written ones. That’s why they rely on the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to filter out those resumes that contain grammar mistakes, lack search phrases, keywords, and those that don’t meet the requirements.

Those resumes that are filtered out are never read by hiring managers. Make sure your resume is mistake free and contains all the search phrases and keywords. No matter how qualified or experienced you are, if your resume is filtered out, you have no chances for an interview. That's why Hiring Managers are now expecting you to have your resume and cover letter written by a quality resume writing service.

Detailed & Comprehensive Resumes Are Required

When a hiring manager reads a resume, he/she wants to see the content that is relevant to the position you apply for. If you mention some information that has nothing to do with that job, you’ll probably be put on a no-interview list.

Wasting a hiring manager’s time is not what you need. You must be detailed about your skills, experience, provide the examples of your success so they can see how you can help their company grow.

Generic Resumes Get Thrown In The Trash

Not everyone is talented for writing or finding the right words to express thoughts. Many job applicants turn to free generic resumes they find online, fill in the information and apply for a job. A generic resume is something that must be avoided.

Hiring managers read hundreds of them. You have no chance to stand out and be different, and that’s what they’re looking for. What they want to see is a target resume, the one written specifically for the job you apply for. If you don’t know how to write an interview landing resume, you can always seek help from the professional resume writers in Charlotte North Carolina, www.TopResumeExperts.com, to help you write an outstanding resume that will land job interviews.

Your Resume Failed To Be Keyword Optimized

The reason why the top rated expert resume writers in Charlotte North Carolina are so successful is that they follow the latest trends and changes in each industry; they know the right keywords and search phrases for every job position.

When they tailor resumes, they make sure a resume has plenty of them in order to pass the ATS. As mentioned above, you must first pass the ATS to get a chance to impress hiring managers. Without the keywords, you stand no chances. Next time you write your resume, do a research and make sure your resume is keyword optimized.

Your LinkedIn Account Was Never Professionally Written

When hiring managers find a candidate who seems to be a good one, one of the first things they’ll do is looking up for his/her LinkedIn profile. Having a professional LinkedIn profile writing service in Charlotte North Carolina is a must when marketing your career and academic background.

Your LinkedIn profile must be professional; it must tell hiring managers the same story your resume tells. In such a competitive market, you must stand out from the crowd to attract a hiring manager’s attention and get a chance for an interview.

Next time you write your resume, make sure your resume is outstanding and high-quality. Double check the keywords and grammar and what information you list on your resume.