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6 Ways To Write An Interviewing-Landing Resume

The highly competitive market makes all job seekers stress out when writing a resume. Everyone tries to create a high quality and impressive resume that passes the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and leaves an impression on hiring managers. But not everyone does it successfully.

So what’s the catch? How can we write an interview landing resume and increase our chances of job landing?

According to the best-rated resume writers from Charlotte North Carolina resume writing service, here are the six steps that will make your resume stand out:

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6 Ways To Write An Interview-Landing Resume

1. Hire A Reputable, High-Quality Producing, & Top Customer Rated Professional Resume Writing Service

The first step to impress a hiring manager is your resume. To do this before having a chance to meet him/her in person, a document has to do it first. To complete this first step successfully is to avoid using generic resumes and free online templates. Reach out and contact a high-quality producing resume writing service, TopResumeExperts.

Each job you apply for requires a different set of skill or different experience. Each resume has to be tailored for a position you want to apply for. Your skills, achievements, objectives and other information you mention must be related to the job you apply for. Unnecessary information leaves an impression of unprofessionalism and lack of focus.

Using free online templates will make you look just like all others and there’s no chance you’ll stand out and be interesting, and this is what they want you to be: interesting, unique and be different than many others.

2. Write A Keyword Optimized Resume

Keywords are a must when creating a resume. These are the words that will help you pass the first test, the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) which is based on keywords. If your resume lacks these, there’s no chance your resume will ever reach the hand of a hiring manager. Be sure your resume is keywords optimized; in most cases, they are written in a job ad, so look for them there and list all of them that you have.

3. Resumes Need To Be Focused On Hard Skills - NOT Soft Skills

The must-have requirements you see in a job ad are the hard skills. If you lack those, it means you’re not qualified for a job. You acquire hard skills while studying, working, or training. It’s easier to quantify hard skills than soft skills. But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pay attention to your soft skills; they’re important as well, but only if they are job-related. They can increase the chances and make you a better candidate than others.

Charlotte North Carolina resume expert professionals understand the requirements and expectations of hiring manager and potential employers.

4. Highlight Achievements, Not Roles

When writing your resume, it is important to list your responsibilities and roles you had in your previous jobs. Pay attention not to give it too much space on your resume. Focus on achievements. Convince a hiring manager that you are the best candidate by showing him/her the results of your previous work. Use action verbs when listing achievements.

The problem-action-result method is the best way to show someone the process of making a progress, solving a problem or helping your company improve and grow and how you actually use your knowledge and skills in a certain situation.

5. Your Resume Must Have Lots Of Metrics

When you reach the part of mentioning your achievements, make sure to give some examples. Hiring managers crave to see metrics. They want to see numbers; how much money you helped your company save or earn, etc. A top rated resume writing service understands how to extract metrics from you. This way, they’ll better understand the way you work and what to expect from you once you become a part of their team.

6. Avoid Resume Writing Factories/Mills

Stay away from resume writing factories/mills!

Resume writing mills are factories that produce resumes of low quality. They are more concerned with quantity than quality. You yourself would probably write even better resume than someone from a resume mill. If you decide to hire a resume expert to write you an outstanding resume, check the reviews, ratings, and comments of other people who had a chance to work with them. If you are willing to invest some money and have a professional do the job for you, then don’t hesitate to add some extra bucks and have your resume written by the experts from the top rated resume writing service in Charlotte North Carolina.