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We specialize in working with & writing transitional resumes for active/inactive/reserve Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, & Coast Guard military service members seeking to transfer into civilian jobs.

Resume Writing Service For Military Professionals


Top Resume Experts is a professional military resume writing company in Charlotte, North Carolina  whose qualified and skillful writers create and deliver top-notch and interview-winning resumes for both active, inactive, and reserve military service members.


Having written thousands of military service members resumes in the:


  • Army

  • Navy

  • Marines

  • Coast Guard

  • Air Force

  • Many more active, inactive, and reserve military service members

Due to our clients’ satisfaction rate, we have become the top-rated military resume writing service on Google, Facebook, BBB, and Glassdoor.

Our Writers Understand Military Service Members


Our military resume writing experts are familiar with more than 800 job positions in the branches of the military forces. They are knowledgeable about the skills and job duties of all job positions and peculiarities hiring managers crave to see on a resume. They employ the right terminology and acronyms to make a resume pass the ATS, accent the skills, training, and accomplishments required for the job position.

Military To Civilian Resumes


For inactive military service members, we transform military resumes into civilian resumes that fit a specific job. Top Resume Experts tailor resumes that showcase a candidate’s ability to operate weapons and tanks, but also his/her problem solving, flexibility, communication, and leadership skills. Our resumes have landed interviews and job for many 27A Army Judge Advocate General's Corps Attorneys, 25B Information Technology Specialists, Rifleman, Infantry Unit Leaders, 25S Satellite Communication Systems Operator-Maintainers any many others.

Why Hire a Military Resume Writer?


It is challenging to transform a military resume into a civilian resume. Hiring managers do not understand all terminology and acronyms found on military resumes. Our experienced and certified resume writers are experts in translating the military terminology in order to ensure that hiring managers have a better insight into a candidate’s skills, knowledge, and abilities.


Military resume professionals know how to showcase a candidate’s skills, from leadership, teamwork, combat skills to aircraft or equipment repair, engineering, and mechanical skills.

We are the best professional resume writing service that writes military to civilian resumes in Charlotte North Carolina.

What Terminology Do Hiring Managers Expect To See On A Military To Civilian Resume?


Hiring managers expect to see a candidate’s knowledge and understanding of job duties and responsibilities, a successful background and excellent achievements in his/her career. Our professionals use metrics and examples of your achievements to prove your worth and the impact you can make. They ensure a resume contains military terms, such as a section chief, mission, command, a unit, a commander, or they translate these terms into a team leader, a goal, train, a team, a supervisor in a case a candidate needs a civilian resume.


Resume Writing Service That Writes Keyword Optimized Military To Civilian Resumes


Top Resume Experts are professionals with the extensive knowledge and understanding of what hiring managers expect from their candidates. To help all active, inactive, and reserve military service members on their job hunting journey, we:

  • Transform a military resume jargon to fit the keyword requirements to a civilian resume.

  • Write a cover letter, a motivation letter and a thank you letter.

  • Create or update LinkedIn profiles.

  • Edit and improve poorly written resumes.

  • Prepare a candidate for the future interviews.

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