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We specialize in working with & writing resumes for Brand Marketing Managers, VP of Advertising, Marketing Directors, eCommerce Marketing Specialists and many more...

Resume Writing Service For Professionals In The Marketing Industry


Top Resume Experts in North Carolina specialize in writing professional resumes for the marking industry/field. With years of experience and many clients who are nowadays successful marketing professionals, we have grown to be the top rated resume writing company in Charlotte, North Carolina.


We have written interview winning resumes for Brand Marketing Managers, Marketing Coordinators, VP of Advertising and Marketing, Internet Marketing Coordinators, Marketing Directors, Social Media Marketing Analyst , Presidents of Global Marketing Departments, eCommerce Marketing Specialists, Assistant Brand Managers,  Public Relations Director, and many more within the marketing industry.


Whether you look for a marketing job position in a publishing house, non-profit organization, schools or even hospitals, we are here to help create a resume that catches the eye of any hiring manager.

Our Writers Understand the Marketing Industry


What makes marketing resume writers so successful is their exhaustive knowledge of the Marketing industry; they know the keywords and search phrases needed to pass the ATS; they are familiar with all new requirements of hiring managers.


Our professional marketing resume writing experts in North Carolina highlight the examples of creativity, trend-savvy and niche marketing skills, influencer abilities, your strength in CSS and HTML coding, graphic design and data analytics on a resume.


Our clients have become successful and respected Senior Sales & Marketing Representatives, Art Directors, Media Researchers, Public Relations Specialists, Vice Presidents of Marketing, Brand Strategists, and other inbound and outbound marketing professionals.

Why Hire A Professional Resume Writer That Specializes In The Marketing Industry?


Job seekers who are seeking employment in the marketing field should only hire a professional resume writing service that specializes in the marketing industry in North Carolina.


Marketing professionals can be confident they will get a profound and keyword optimized resume that will pass the ATS. Our certified Marketing resume writers tailor and create a target resume which focuses on the achievements, and providing examples of a candidate’s communication skills, understanding of inbound marketing, ability to understand the sales process and buyers’ need, experience with digital tools, channels and platforms, critical thinking, problem solving and other skills that hiring managers expect from their candidates to do the job exceptionally well.

What Terminology Do Hiring Managers Expect To See On A Marketing Resume?


When hiring managers read a resume, they want to see your abundant knowledge and understanding of the marketing industry, skills and numbers that prove your achievements.


Your resume must demonstrate your ability to increase income by driving sales, brainstorm themes for advertisements, complete analyses of competitors, define target audiences, plan an event, negotiate, your aesthetic sensibility, attention to detail, resiliency, time management and other necessary skills depending on a job position.

Whether you look for a job in advertising, public relations, market research or customer support, we will deliver a top- quality resume that presents you as a perfect match for the position you apply for.


Resume Writing Service That Writes Keyword Optimized Resumes For Job Seekers In The Marketing Industry


Top Resume Experts specializes in the Marketing industry and we offer:

  • Keyword optimized, target and achievement based resume that demonstrates your marketing skills.

  • Motivation letter, a thank you letter and a cover letter.

  • Newly created resume that is metrics focused on jobs within the marketing field.

  • Updated or newly created LinkedIn profile to increase your job opportunities.

  • Advice and preparation for the upcoming interviews.

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