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We specialize in working with & writing resumes for Engineers, Chemical Engineers, IT Engineers, Software Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers, VP of Engineers, Executive Engineers, Electrical Engineers, and many more...

Resume Writing Service for Engineers


We are a professional resume writing service in Charlotte NC that writes keyword optimized resumes for engineers. Our team of skillful and certified resume writing professionals develops and delivers top-notch, keyword optimized and target resumes for all job seekers in the engineering field.


Our team has written thousands of professional resumes for engineers such as:


  • IT Engineers

  • Software Engineers

  • Chemical Engineers

  • Structural Engineers

  • Manufacturing Engineers

  • Electrical Engineers

  • Application Engineers

  • Engineering Executives

  • Environmental Compliance Engineers

  • High-Pressure Engineer

  • Nuclear Engineers

  • Process Control Engineers

  • many more 


Our experts know all the tips and tricks to attract hiring managers’ attention to a resume and develop keyword optimized and interview-winning resumes for all job position within this broad work category.

We are the best-rated resume writing service on Google, Glassdoor, BBB, and Facebook that has been helping engineers on their job hunting journey for more than a decade.

Our Writers Understand The Engineering Industry


Resume writing professionals at Top Resume Experts have written thousands of resumes for engineers from all around the country which made them experts in this field. They follow the newest trends and are familiar with what hiring managers expect. They know how to present a candidate’s skills, knowledge, and abilities and how these can help a company grow and develop. 

Turbine Engineers, Software Engineers, R&D Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Project Controls Engineers, IT Engineers, Structural Engineers, Naval Architects, Licensing Engineer, and many others are just some of our clients who landed an interview and a job from using our resume writing services.

Why Hire An Engineering Resume Writer Is Important?


To write an interview and job landing engineering resume, Top Resume Experts include keywords necessary to pass the ATS, and present a candidate as a perfect fit for a job position by highlighting the skills in critical thinking, leadership, communication, problem-solving, map reading, computer-aided design (CAD) software, design techniques, analytical thinking, and many others, depending on a job position a candidate applies for. 


They know which information is relevant, what needs to be emphasized, and how to present your achievements in numbers.

What Terminology Do Hiring Managers Expect To See On An Engineers Resume?


After reading resumes, hiring managers must be convinced that candidates know how to use their skills and knowledge to solve problems in the environment, resolve public health issues, control pollution, recycling, eliminate waste, including wasted money, time, energy, and materials, how to improve systems like sensors and machine tools.


Our professional writers provide examples of previous tasks that were successfully completed and how that helped a company progress.

Resume Writing Service That Writes Keyword Optimized Resumes For Engineers


With their broad, thorough knowledge and understanding of the engineering industry, our resume writing professionals ensure our clients get:

  • A keyword-optimized, high-quality resume that passes the ATS and meets requirements of hiring managers.

  • A cover letter, a motivation letter, a thank you letter.

  • Update or create a new LinkedIn profile to improve job opportunities online.

  • Training for future interviews.

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